Haynes Ranch History

Haynes Ranch, Inc. is a ranching and farming operation in Northeast Colorado near Holyoke. We have pivot irrigation where corn and hay is grown. Cows are wintered on cornstalks and supplemented with wet distillers grains and hay.

Our ranch began over 40 years ago when Dale and Patti Jo were both raised with Hereford cattle. After they were married they ran Herefords for several years and then switched to using Black Angus bulls on the Hereford cows and gradually bred them straight Angus. As the commercial herd grew they purchased some registered Angus females and through AI and ET began raising their own bulls as well as some for friends and neighbors.

Their family grew to include two sons; Rudy in 1977 and Randy in 1981. Rudy's family has since grown to include wife Pam, and sons Trent and Tanner.